Graphic Designer


Childhood obesity is rampant in our world today. One of the primary culprits is sugary, high-calorie drinks. I have created a brand of sugar-free organic tea drinks for kids that are healthy, tasty, and playful! Dig Dook makes healthy choices more fun. The “spokes-animals” are ferrets who are well known for their playful nature and friendliness.


Using simple organic shapes to create an easily recognizable picture that even kids will quickly remember. Digging and dooking (the noise a ferret makes when it is happy) are two activities that ferrets love to do. The sound of "dig dook" is also fun to say.  

Customized font to enhance and unite the brand image.

Brand mascots, ferrets named Hob and Jill.

Well known for their playful and curious nature, they are great ageless brand ambassadors.

6 oz pouches that serve as a good portion for young children.

12 oz bottles for older children and adults.

The Family Pack will come with 8 pouches. Not only because ferrets have, on average, 8 kids, but also 8 pouches will be enough for a whole week plus one day!

Every family pack also comes with a Dig Dook sticker, and underneath that sticker is a DD Code. DD codes can be used to redeem items for "Saving Jill", a mobile game developed by Dig Dook.  

When you first open the app, the loading screen will tell you the story and the mission of the game. As Hob, the player will need to save Jill from Suga (a giant block of sugar). As a brand, Dig Dook does not promote violence, thus Hob does not have any weapons. He can dig holes and use items from DD codes to trap Suga and his minions. 

When the player finishes a level, they have a choice to post on social media. Hob and Jill have their own individual twitter pages to reveal hints for the app, to promote Dig Dook products, and to post healthy fun facts. 

The website is a straightforward one page scroll site, with a fixed navigation bar on the top. 

"You Don't Need Sugar To Be Sweet" campaign.

Advertisements for Dig Dook products will appear in parent's magazines and at our retailers.


Behind the Scenes

A short trailer of Saving Jill, a game that Dig Dook Organic Tea developed as part of its marketing campaign.