Graphic Designer


View of Hope is a newly founded outreach organization sponsored by the Point Church located on Long Island, NY. As a start up, they are only focusing on their food pantry. I have researcher other successful food pantries and food banks, and used my research to develop an effective branding system. In addition, I have also proposed three marketing and fundraising strategies.

As a charitable organization, friendship, peace, and trust are feelings that I want to deliver to their target audience. 

Baskerville with its elegant serif and rounded brackets helps to build a lighthearted look.

Creating the focal point from taking out the tittle on the "i", and enclosed it with the mark - a pair of spread wings which is more recognizable and graphically cleaner for representing birds. Birds like doves and swallows are usually associated with hope.

The shape in between two wings is symbolic of the Holy Chalice relating back to the church. Blue is the color of Point Church.

Alternative versions of the logo for different uses.

Address indicates the folding line.

 Call to action is the focus of the website. Responsive website makes it easier for donators to take-action.

Social Media is a two-way communication platform and a low-cost, efficient way to reach out.

Volunteer T-shirts are optional for purchase, and proceeds from the sales will be directly donated to View of Hope. 

Buttons are always free. For identity purposes, volunteers are required to wear a button when on duty if they aren't wearing the T-shirt. View of Hope's phone number is on the button. In case of an emergency, anyone can easily contact the organization.

In Their Shoes 

Fundraising Strategy 

Low cost 4 X 6 flyers with moving stories and comforting portraits will be placed at locations like restaurants and coffee shops where they will take time to read the stories.

When people do their grocery shopping, there are coupon-looking ads in the aisles decorated with pictures of delicious food. It tells them that any amount can help more than they could ever imagine. When they come to checkout, where the ad will also be placed, they are effectively reminded again.