01  Project Brief

Bold360 is a live chat software. To emphasize the integration of AI into their software, they decided to rebrand. They were having concerns about people emotionally rejecting the idea of "talking to robots". Keeping the same logo, they wanted the new brand to be, sophisticated, bold, and  "human" (not giving a sense of AI).


02  My Role

Team with other designers to come up multiple concepts. I was assigned with the tagline "Go From Good to Amazing". Provide feedback to other designers.



While reviewing another mood-board, I suggested to use gradience for the logo "360", which slightly breaks away from the current branding (the navy blue with light blue), but represents the integration of all the products, and coveys 360 degrees in the use of colors. It also allows the logo to be expandable: each color can be used for a different product, and the umbrella brand will have all the colors.


03  Approach

"Go From Good to Amazing" to me coveys a feeling of positivity, excitement, passion, and happiness. Therefore, I picked a set of warm colors as secondary colors for this mood-board.


Banner Ads Example

Banner Ads Example

Landing Page Example

Landing Page Example